Cayman Islands

download-buttonBoasting a solid backbone within both the financial and tourism markets, The Cayman islands can now add international investment opportunities to its growing repertoire.

Being a British overseas territory, The Caymans practice British common law so, as with all our opportunities, you’ll find political and economic stability within these fantastic islands. And with an environment and state that is extremely supportive of business growth it’s not hard to see why investment into the region has grown rapidly in the past few years.

This position is only strengthened by its locality and access to international markets.

Add to this the countries historic status as a tax haven and it’s easy to see why businesses and individuals are choosing to relocate to the region.

With the highest standard of living in the Caribbean the Cayman Islands has a GDP per capita that is the 14th highest in the world and is also the world’s fifth largest banking centre.

With no income tax, capital gains tax or corporation tax it’s easy to see why so many international residents choose to make it their second home.

The development growth rate isn’t set to diminish either, with momentous builds of both a $200 million school and a $2 billion hospital project.