Ocala, Florida

download-buttonThe USA is the world’s largest economy and has overcome setbacks in the past time and time again.

Prices are at record lows due to lack of credit and the rise of foreclosures. But these prices won’t last long as the economy in the States is already on the up and showing significant signs of recovery meaning lending will ultimately increase, once again pushing property prices up. The best time to invest is always when others are not able to do so, so there’s never been a netter time to buy land in the USA.

Despite misgivings by some investors due to increased interest rates and stagnant or dropping property prices, the real estate market is in fact buoyant in certain key tourist locations of the USA.

For investors who tap into a strong on going market in highly sought after tourist locations, land investment in the USA are a highly attractive option. Many purchasers build early and enjoy year-round rental income from their properties while patiently waiting for long term capital growth to materialise when future market stability takes hold. Not only is the USA an outstanding country in terms of lifestyle and climate, it offers many economic and political advantages to today’s overseas property investors.

Intelligent cash investors are making the most of today´s low cost of land in the USA, buying at greatly reduced prices, safe in the knowledge that they will receive strong investment returns in the future.